SONG: UnknownEverlong
ARTIST: UnknownFoo Fighters
ALBUM: UnknownThe Colour and the Shape
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and when it’s dark out, no one’s around, it keeps glowing.

SONG: UnknownDear Rosemary
ARTIST: UnknownFoo Fighters
ALBUM: UnknownWasting Light
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Dear Rosemary - Foo Fighters 

I couldn’t grow just living in the shadow
Where do you go when no one’s following you?

Hi there. Do you still have the PSD for without vowels? Thanks!

Sure do! :) The bottom hem for the shirts are also included in case you want your recolors for that mesh as well.

Download @ Dropbox

Today I learned that I am not yet ready for funerals. At least not for those particular circumstances.

I also learned that even though I am still pretty chubby, I look pretty damn cute in my dress once I get over the extremely awkward drafty feeling downstairs.

My nose is making TLOU clicker noises xD

Teehee, acoustic Times Like These in this episode of Jericho <3